Our Company

LAKON SA was founded in 1994, replacing the company Panagiotis Michalitsis E.D.E. which has been constructing mainly architectural works as well as civil engineering works, since 1981.


The goal of the company is the provision of a high level of construction services, which is achieved by utilizing its extensive experience in the construction of projects of all categories, as well as by the appropriate executive scientific staff.

We have extensive experience in the construction of all kinds of projects. Our company is staffed by civil engineers,
architects, engineers, technologists, economists, etc. Our company employs a sufficient number of foremen and the
its own technical staff, in order to enable the realization of its objectives.
By constantly investing we managed to create a capable fleet of trucks, loaders, excavators, small
excavators, cranes, trucks, commercial vehicles, generators, air compressors, etc.

Public Projects

Η εταιρεία μας έχει μειοδοτήσει σε δύο έργα, για τα οποία θα υπογραφούν συμβάσεις σύντομα. Αναμένουμε επίσης τα  αποτελέσματα σε τρεις ακόμη διαγωνισμούς καθώς και την έγκριση συμπληρωματικής σύμβασης για ένα παλαιότερο έργο που έχουμε ήδη κατασκευάσει.

Private Projects

Our company has constructed more than 15 residential buildings
with a total area of more than 100,000.00 m2.

We also own the following buildings:

In Athens on Ferron Street no. 39 10-storey building.
In Athens, on Heuden & Fili Street, a neoclassical two-storey building
In Athens on Geraniou street no. 39 two apartments.

Below are the certifications that our company has obtained

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